Highpoint Editions: A History & Catalogue, 2001–2021 documents twenty years of workshop production at Highpoint Editions, the publishing arm of Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis. The digital catalogue raisonné includes editioned prints and multiples and selected monotypes, as well as ancillary materials created by thirty-eight visiting contemporary artists, including Carlos Amorales, Julie Buffalohead, Willie Cole, Sarah Crowner, Rico Gatson, Jim Hodges, Delita Martin, Julie Mehretu, Chloe Piene, and Do Ho Suh. Zoomable images of all published works are accompanied by complete documentation, introduced by iIllustrated biographies of each artist. The catalogue is prefaced by an interview with Highpoint Editions’ master printer Cole Rogers and three scholarly essays on the following subjects: the founding and history of Highpoint Editions by Dennis Michael Jon; Willie Cole’s “Beauties” series by Jennifer L. Roberts; and work by Native American artists Julie Buffalohead, Andrea Carlson, Brad Kahlhamer, and Dyani White Hawk by Jill Ahlberg Yohe.

Highpoint Editions: A History & Catalogue, 2001–2021 is published, maintained, and updated by the Minneapolis Institute of Art, home to the Highpoint Editions Archive, which includes all artworks and materials presented in this catalogue raisonné.

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Jon, Dennis Michael, ed. Highpoint Editions: A History & Catalogue, 2001–2021. Minneapolis: Minneapolis Institute of Art, 2021. https://artsmia.org/highpoint-editions

Jon, Dennis Michael, ed. Highpoint Editions: A History & Catalogue, 2001–2021. Minneapolis Institute of Art, 2021. https://artsmia.org/highpoint-editions

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Cover: Sarah Crowner, Untitled (Spotlights), 2013 (cat. no. 89, detail)