Key to the Highpoint Editions Archive Catalogue

This catalogue documents the prints and multiples (three-dimensional objects) held in the Highpoint Editions Archive of the Minneapolis Institute of Art. These works of art were produced by Highpoint Editions, the publishing arm of Highpoint Center for Printmaking of Minneapolis, and date from 2002 to 2021. A small number of prints were produced in association with Highpoint Editions but were published by the artist or another publisher and are so noted in the catalogue.


The catalogue is organized alphabetically by artist. Works by the same artist are ordered chronologically by year of publication (or release), and then alphabetically, by title, if two or more share the same date. Exceptions include prints issued together in suites or portfolios, which correspond to the order established by the artist.


Artists represented in the catalogue are listed under their professional name, followed by their nationality, birth country (if different), and life dates.

Catalogue number

Works are numbered sequentially by artist.


The title of each print and multiple assigned by the artist is given, as is the title of the suite, series, or portfolio of which it is a part (when applicable). Works without titles are designated as Untitled.


The date given is the year of publication, or in the case of self-published works, the year of production.

Medium and support

The printmaking techniques and production processes are listed first, followed by the support material. For encased suites and portfolios, the box or portfolio case is also described.


Dimensions are in inches and centimeters; height preceding width preceding depth (when applicable). For two-dimensional works, both image and sheet dimensions are given. For intaglio prints with a visible plate mark, plate dimensions replace image dimensions. If the work of art was produced on more than one sheet of paper or other support, the dimensions of each panel are given, followed by the overall dimensions. For an irregularly shaped sheet or support, the stated dimensions indicate the maximum height and width. Collage elements extending beyond the sheet or support are included in the dimensions, and are so noted. For multiples and portfolio boxes or cases, full dimensions are provided.

Inscriptions and marks

All handwritten, ink-stamped, printed, and embossed inscriptions and marks are noted, along with their location on the work of art.


The total number of prints or multiples in the published edition is given. Variable editions are so noted; monotypes and monoprints are designated “Unique.”


All proof impressions produced during the production and printing of the edition are enumerated using the following designations and sequence:

AP (artist’s proof)
PP (printer’s proof)
BAT (bon á tirer proof)
HC (hors commerce proof)
CTP (color trial proof)
TP (trial proof)
WP (working proof)
SP (state proof)
Archive proof
Other proofs


The name of the publisher (or co-publishers, when applicable) of the edition is given, followed by the publisher’s location. Self-published prints are indicated with the artist’s name as publisher.

Catalogue references

When applicable, references to published catalogues raisonné are cited using the abbreviated form of author’s last name and catalogue entry number, or page number(s) for unnumbered catalogues.

Related works

When applicable, preparatory drawings, color tests, and other unique material created during the production of a given print or multiple are noted.


Entries may include additional information concerning the concept, development, or production of the work of art.